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XML Security Library News

  • November 30 2022
    The XML Security Library 1.2.37 release includes the following changes:

  • October 31 2022
    The XML Security Library 1.2.36 release includes the following changes:

  • October 25 2022
    The XML Security Library 1.2.35 release includes the following changes:
    • Migration to OpenSSL 3.0 API (based on PR by @snargit). Note that OpenSSL engines are disabled by default when XMLSec library is compiled against OpenSSL 3.0. To re-enable OpenSSL engines, use "--enable-openssl3-engines" configure flag (there will be a lot of deprecation warnings).
    • The OpenSSL before 1.1.0 and LibreSSL before 2.7.0 are now deprecated and will be removed in the future versions of XMLSec Library.
    • Refactored all the integer casts to ensure cast-safety. Fixed all warnings and enabled "-Werror" and "-pedantic" flags on CI builds.
    • Added configure flag to use size_t for xmlSecSize (currently disabled by default for backward compatibility).
    • Moved all CI builds to GitHub actions.
    • Several other small fixes (more details).

  • May 3 2022
    The XML Security Library 1.2.34 release includes the following changes:
    • Support for OpenSSL compiled with OPENSSL_NO_ERR.
    • Full support for LibreSSL 3.5.0 and above (@vishwin).
    • Several other small fixes (more details).

  • October 25 2021
    The XML Security Library 1.2.33 release includes the following changes:
    • Added --privkey-openssl-engine option to enhance openssl engine support (Leonardo Secci).
    • Fixed decrypting session key for two recipients.
    • Several other small fixes (more details).

  • April 21 2021
    The XML Security Library 1.2.32 release includes the following changes:

  • October 29 2020
    The XML Security Library 1.2.31 release includes the following changes:
    • Added configure option to ensure memset() securely erases memory (gcc).
    • Several other small fixes (more details).

  • April 21 2020
    The XML Security Library 1.2.30 release includes the following changes:
    • Enabled XML_PARSE_HUGE for all xml parsers.
    • Added s390x support for travis (nayana-ibm).
    • Several other small fixes (more details).

  • October 15 2019
    The XML Security Library 1.2.29 release includes the following changes:
    • Various build and tests fixes and improvements.
    • Move remaining private header files away from xmlsec/include/ folder.
    • Several other small fixes (more details).

  • April 16 2019
    The XML Security Library 1.2.28 release includes the following changes:
    • Added BoringSSL support (chenbd).
    • Added gnutls-3.6.x support (alonbl).
    • Added DSA and ECDSA key size getter for MSCNG (vmiklos).
    • Added --enable-mans configuration option (alonbl).
    • Added coninuous build integration for MacOSX (vmiklos).
    • Several other small fixes (more details).

  • October 23 2018
    The XML Security Library 1.2.27 release includes the following changes:
    • Added AES-GCM support for OpenSSL and MSCNG (snargit).
    • Added DSA-SHA256 and ECDSA-SHA384 support for NSS (vmiklos).
    • Added RSA-OAEP support for MSCNG (vmiklos).
    • Continuous build integration in Travis and Appveyor.
    • Several other small fixes (more details).

  • June 5 2018
    The XML Security Library 1.2.26 release includes the following changes:
    • Added xmlsec-mscng module based on Microsoft Cryptography API: Next Generation (vmiklos).
    • Added support for GOST 2012 and fixed CryptoPro CSP provider for GOST R 34.10-2001 in xmlsec-mscrypto (ipechorin).
    • Added LibreSSL 2.7 support (vishwin).
    • Upgraded documentation build process to support the latest gtk-doc.
    • Several other small fixes (more details).

  • September 12 2017
    The XML Security Library 1.2.25 release includes the following changes:
    • Removed OpenSSL 0.9.8 support and several previously deprecated functions.
    • Added SHA224 support for xmlsec-nss (vmiklos).
    • Added configurable default linefeed for xmltree module (pablogallardo).
    • Several other small fixes (more details).

  • April 20 2017
    The XML Security Library 1.2.24 release includes the following changes:
    • Added ECDSA-SHA1, ECDSA-SHA256, ECDSA-SHA512 support for xmlsec-nss (vmiklos).
    • Fixed XMLSEC_KEYINFO_FLAGS_X509DATA_DONT_VERIFY_CERTS handling (vmiklos).
    • Disabled external entities loading by xmlsec utility app by default to prevent XXE attacks (d-hat).
    • Improved OpenSSL version and features detection.
    • Cleaned up, simplified, and standardized internal error reporting.
    • Marked as deprecated all the functions in xmlsec/soap.h file and a couple other functions no longer required by xmlsec. These functions will be removed in the future releases.
    • Fixed a few Coverity-discovered bugs (report).
    • Several other small fixes (more details).
    Please note that OpenSSL 0.9.8 support will be removed in the next release of XMLSec library.

  • October 16 2016
    The XML Security Library 1.2.23 release includes the following changes:
    • Full support for OpenSSL 1.1.0.
    • Several other small fixes (more details).

  • April 20 2016
    The XML Security Library 1.2.22 release includes the following changes:
    • Restored SOAP parser to support backward compatibility for Lasso project.

  • April 12 2016
    The XML Security Library 1.2.21 release includes the following changes:
    • Added OOXML Relationships Transform Algorithm (patch from Miklos Vajna).
    • Added experimental GOST2012 support for xmlsec-openssl (patch from Nikolay Shaplov).
    • Migrated XMLSec to GitHub.
    • Added OpenSSL 1.1.0 (pre 2) API support (major re-factoring for all OpenSSL based implementations of the block ciphers and the DSA/ECDSA signatures).
    • Removed support for legacy OpenSSL 0.9.6 (last release: March, 2004) and 0.9.7 (last release: February, 2007).
    • Completely revamped manpages/documentation build to completely pass 'make distcheck' tests.
    • Deprecated XMLSEC_CRYPTO define in favor of xmlSecGetDefaultCrypto() function.
    • Implemented several other smaller features; fixed several other minor bugs, code cleanups: (more details).

  • Jan 28 2016
    The XML Security Library was migrated to GitHub. Please use GitHub for accessing source code and reporting issues.

  • May 27 2014
    The XML Security Library 1.2.20 release fixes a number of miscellaneous bugs and updates expired or soon-to-be-expired certificates in the test suite.

  • March 24 2013
    The XML Security Library 1.2.19 release adds support for DSA-SHA256, ECDSA-SHA1, ECDSA-SHA224, ECDSA-SHA256, ECDSA-SHA384, ECDSA-SHA512 and fixes a number of miscellaneous bugs.

  • May 11 2011
    The XML Security Library 1.2.18 release fixes a serious crasher. All users are advised to upgraded as soon as possible.

  • March 31 2011
    Changes in XML Security Library 1.2.17 release:
    • Fixed security issue with libxslt (CVE-2011-1425, reported by Nicolas Gregoire).
    • Fixed a number of build configuration problems, pkcs12 file loading, and gcrypt init/shutdown.

  • May 26 2010
    Changes in XML Security Library 1.2.16 release:
    • New xmlsec-gcrypt library.
    • xmlsec-gcrypt: Added RSA with SHA1/SHA256/SHA384/SHA512/MD5/RIPEMD160, DSA with SHA1, AES/DES KW support.
    • xmlsec-gnutls: Added X509 support and converted the library to use xmlsec-gcrypt library for all crypto operations.
    • xmlsec-mscrypto: RSA/OAEP and AES/DES KW support.
    • Several minor bug fixes and code cleanups.

  • April 29 2010
    Changes in XML Security Library 1.2.15 release:
    • xmlsec-mscrypto: Added HMAC with MD5, SHA1, SHA256/384/512; RSA with MD5, SHA256/384/512 support.
    • xmlsec-mscrypto: Converted to Unicode (the non-Unicode builds are still available as compile time option).
    • xmlsec-nss: Added MD5 and SHA256/384/512 support for digest, HMAC and RSA (the new minimum required version for NSS library is 3.9).
    • xmlsec-gnutls: Added SHA256/384/512 for digest and HMAC; MD5 and RIPEMD160 digests support (the new minimum required version for GnuTLS library is 2.8.0).
    • Fixed typo: "Copyrigth" should be "Copyright".
    • Several critical bug fixes and code cleanups.

  • December 5 2009
    Changes in XML Security Library 1.2.14 release:
    • XMLSec library is switched from built-in LTDL library to the system LTDL library on Linux/Unix and native calls on Windows to fix security issue in LTDL.
    • Fixed minor bugs (see commits log for complete list).

  • September 12 2009
    Changes in XML Security Library 1.2.13 release:
    • LibXML2 version 2.7.4 is now required
    • Implemented support for C14N version 1.1
    • Increase default minimum hmac size to 80 bits
    • Added support for --with-libxml-src and --with-libxslt-src ./configure options
    • Fixed XML dump output

  • July 14 2009
    The new XML Security Library 1.2.12 release includes the following changes (see ChangeLog for the complete list of changes):
    • Fixed HMAC vulnerability with small values of HMAC length (CERT VU #466161).
    • Added support for the GOST implemented by Russian Crypto Pro CSP (patch from Dennis Prochko)
    • Added an option to return the replaced node (based on the patch from Frank Gross)
    • Added new function xmlSecNodeEncodeAndSetContent for encoding special chars in the node content.
    • Added configurable Base64 line length.
    • Bug fixes.

  • November 6 2007
    The new XML Security Library 1.2.11 release includes the following changes:
    • Mingw port (Roumen Petrov).
    • Better support for non micorsoft CSP's (Wouter and Ed Shallow).
    • Bug fixes.

  • June 12 2006
    The new XML Security Library 1.2.10 release includes the following changes:
    • GOST algorithms support (Dmitry Belyavsky)
    • Ability to disable system trusted certs in xmlsec-mscrypto (Dmitry Belyavsky)
    • New functions for adding X509IssuerName and X509SerialNumber nodes to the template (Dmitry Belyavsky)
    • Better packaging support for Fedora and Debian (Daniel Veillard, John Belmonte)
    • Cleanups from Coverity tool reports
    • Bug fixes

  • July 12 2005
    The new XML Security Library 1.2.9 release includes few bug fixes and adds support for the recently released OpenSSL 0.9.8 including several new algorithms for xmlsec-openssl:
    • SHA224/SHA256/SHA384/SHA512
    • HMAC-SHA224/SHA256/SHA384/SHA512
    • RSA-MD5/RIPEMD160/SHA224/SHA256/SHA384/SHA512

  • March 30 2005
    The new XML Security Library 1.2.8 release merges OpenOffice.org changes to xmlsec-mscrypto and xmlsec-nss into main xmlsec source tree.

  • February 23 2005
    The new XML Security Library 1.2.7 release includes several bug fixes and minor enchancements:
    • (core) added xmlSecSimpleKeysStoreGetKeys() function;
    • (core) added functions to create <X509Data/> node children in the signature template;
    • (core) fixed xmlSecGenerateID() function;
    • (core) fixed dynamic linking initialization/shutdown when custom memory allocation functions are used;
    • (core) fixed encrypted text parsing and xmlParseInNodeContext() function;
    • (openssl) fixed parsing quoted values in the certificate subject;
    • (mscrypto) negative numbers support in xmlSecBnFromString()/xmlSecBnToString() functions.

  • August 25 2004
    The new XML Security Library 1.2.6 fixes several minor bugs and adds support for loading keys and certificates from memory.

  • July 27 2004
    Created a list of books about cryptography and security that covers most of the topics needed for using XML Security Library.

  • April 15 2004
    The new XML Security Library 1.2.5 includes a simple XKMS server implementation and fixes a nasty bug with encrypting/decrypting nodes with an empty content.

  • January 27 2004
    The new XML Security Library 1.2.4 release fixes many configuration and installation problems found by John.

  • January 6 2004
    The new XML Security Library 1.2.3 release upgrades xmlsec-gnutls code to support latest gnutls library version (1.0.4) and fixes several configuration and installation problems.

  • November 11 2003
    The new XML Security Library 1.2.2 release includes several improvements in ./configure script (Daniel, Roumen) and a bug fix for certificates serial number processing in xmlsec-mscrypto.

  • October 14 2003
    The new XML Security Library 1.2.1 release includes a special "hack" for supporting ID attributes with invalid values in Visa 3D; fixed processing of root element node siblings (bug #124245); template functions for creating <enc:KeyReference/> and <enc:DataReference/&gt nodes (Wouter); new "XMLSEC_DOCDIR" environment variable for ./configure script; updated README files for xmlsec-crypto libraries.

  • September 30 2003
    The major change in the new XML Security Library 1.2.0 release is the MS Crypto API support implemented by Wouter. Other changes include loading public keys from certificates and improved namespaces support for start node selection with "--node-xpath" command line option for xmlsec command line utility; updated online XML DSig Verifier; updated docs and man pages.

  • September 17 2003
    The new XML Security Library 1.1.2 release introduces dynamical crypto engines loading based on ltdl library (including tutorial, API reference and documentation updates); adds an ability to build multiple xmlsec-crypto libraries in one build on Windows; fixes minor problems in test suite and multiple warnings when building on Sun Solaris.

  • August 21 2003
    The new XML Security Library 1.1.1 release adds <X509Data/> node templates support to xmlsec-nss (Tej); includes new functions for reading keys and certificates from memory for xmlsec-core and xmlsec-openssl (Joachim); fixes several problems in xmlsec configuration files (Roumen) and a bug in URI attribute XInclude processing.

  • August 5 2003
    A great patch from Tej that dramaticaly improves xmlsec-nss functionality deserves a minor version number update :). In addition to that, the new XML Security Library 1.1.0 release includes <X509Data/> node templates support for xmlsec-openssl (Roumen); separate pkg-config files for xmlsec-crypto libraries and minor documentation updates (including coding style and some useful commands for xmlsec developers in a new "HACKING" file).

  • July 15 2003
    There were several minor patches during last month and it's time to do a new XML Security Library 1.0.4 release to pick up them: x509 certificates names comparison function now supports multiple entries woth the same object name (Roumen); multiple build fixes; documentation mistypes fixes.
    Also I gave an XML Security presentation at OSCON 2003 last week. You can download slides here.

  • June 17 2003
    The XML Security Library 1.0.3 release adds PKCS#8 support for xmlsec-openssl (Tej) and fixes several configuration and portability problems.

  • June 03 2003
    The XML Security Library 1.0.2 release includes several fixes in xmlsec-nss configuration and linking options (Tej), PKCS21 files reading improvements, minor documentation and help file fixes. Also this release includes some code for XKMS support. This is absolutely not usable right now and not configured in by default. Please, don't use or even compile it in.

  • April 28 2003
    The XML Security Library 1.0.1 release is a maintanance release. It fixes several compilation problems found in 1.0.0 release on the following platforms: OpenBSD/sparc64, Win32 Wacom C, Sun Workshop CC 6.0. Also from now on Win32 MSVC port enables the threading support by default (this is a part of the Igor's change to LibXML2/LibXSLT/XMLSec libraries).If you don't use one of these platforms then you'll see no difference.

  • April 17 2003
    The XML Security Library 1.0.0 release is the major upgrade from 0.0.X version. The new version includes multiple crypto engines support (with "out of the box" support for OpenSSL, GnuTLS and NSS); simplified and cleaned internal structure and API; several performance and memory usage improvements; new or updated documentation (tutorial, API reference manual and examples).

  • April 10 2003
    The final release candidate XML Security Library 1.0.0rc1 is available for download. This release includes minor API polishing, complete API Reference Manual, new chapters in the tutorial and several new examples. Another big change is using major version number in library files to prevent collisions between different library versions.
    If no major problems will be found then the 1.0.0 release should happen in a week from now.

  • April 8 2003
    The new XML Security Library 0.0.15 release is a preparation for the upcomming 1.0.0 release and provides an ability to have both versions installed together on the same box. Also this release includes updated expired certificates for the regression test suite and a fix for minor bug in reading binary keys on Windows.
  • March 26 2003
    XML Security Library 0.1.1 release is the first release candidate for the new stable version of XML Security Library. A lot of internal changes including enchanced processing controls, performance improvements for XML transforms, new documentation, updated examples and many many other small things.
    Please try this release and report bugs. Again, it's the first release candidate and it's very important for me to get your feedback about it. Also if you are missing some features in the library it's the best time to ask!

  • March 19 2003
    XML Security Library 0.0.14 release includes several minor bugfixes in references URI processing, binary transforms processing and xmlsec command line utility.

  • March 5 2003
    The XML Security Library 0.1.0 release creates a framework for integrating XML Security Library with almost any crypto engine and even combining multiple crypto engines in one application. As an example, basic support for GnuTLS and NSS libraries is provided (digests, hmac and block ciphers).
    This is a pre-alpha release not recommended for production (please use the stable 0.0.X releases instead). The new 0.1.X API and ABI will defenetly change. However, if you plan to use XML Security Library with a new crypto engine and plan to write some code then you can start now. The "backend" API is pretty stable and I do not expect major changes.

  • February 21 2003
    XML Security Library 0.0.13 release fixes incorrect processing of signatures with more than 3 binary transforms in a row, improved pkcs12 files support and minor documentation update.

  • January 26 2003
    Two major fixes in HMAC and DES/AES algorithms are the reason for the new XML Security Library 0.0.12 release. Also there are few other minor features and bug fixes (see Changelog in the distribution for more details).

  • December 3 2002
    New XML Security Library 0.0.11 release fixes a major problem in Reference URI attribute processing. This release also includes several Win32 build process fixes from Igor.

  • October 20 2002
    Almost two months from previous release and a lot of minor enchancements are good reasons for the new XML Security Library 0.0.10 release:
    • Added a way to specify "current time" to verify certificates expiration against it;
    • Implemented XML results output format for the xmlsec command line utility;
    • Fixed XMLDSig examples and added a new one (thanks to Devin Heitmueller);
    • Resolved static link issue and a bunch of other improvements for Win32 platform builds (Igor Zlatkovic);
    • Added dynamic linking option for xmlsec command line utility to help Debian port (John Belmonte);
    • Minor bug fixes.

  • August 26 2002
    I've completelly screwed up. The release 0.0.8 was totally broken (I've simply packaged files from wrong CVS :) ) and I am doing a new 0.0.9 release to fix all the problems. Please upgrade to the new version if you use any of previous XML Security Library releases.
    I am really sorry for my stupid mistakes and I promise to never do releases on Friday :(
    And special thanks to Ferrell Moultrie for pointing this out.

  • August 23 2002
    XML Security Library 0.0.8 is released:
    • New errors reporting system is created and all the code is updated;
    • Added XPointer transform support;
    • Major enveloped and XPath transforms performance improvements;
    • Updated XPath 2 Filter implementation to reflect latest W3C specifications;
    • Man page for xmlsec utility is written;
    • Automatically generated API Reference
    • Manual (more than 370 symbols) is created;
    • Minor Win32 bug fixes from Igor;
    • Debian port from John Belmonte.

  • July 11 2002
    XML Security Library documentation created.

  • July 10 2002
    A new XML Security Library 0.0.7 release includes all small bug fixes for last month and a new LibXML2 library with improved canonicalization.

  • May 28 2002
    New LibXML 2.4.22 is released and new XML Security Library 0.0.6 is released:
    • Win32 port is added: the idea and most of the configuration scripts code was taken from LibXML2 (written by Igor Zlatkovic). I modified original files so all errors are mine, not Igor's.
    • Many different performance optimizations (especially for RSA/DSA algorithms and enveloped signatures).
    • XPath Filter 2 and Alternative XPath Filter (not compiled by default, use --enable-altxpath configuration switch if you need this transform) support is added.
    • Custom network protocol handler support is added. It is similar to custom protocol handlers in LibXML2 but applied to binary files.
    • Separated XML Security Library RPM into xmlsec and xmlsec-devel (suggested by Devin Heitmueller).

  • May 14 2002
    I've checked in new code for plugging in custom input handlers (similar to ones that exist in LibXML2). The downside is that you have to use daily LibXML2 snapshot to compile daily XML Security Library snapshot.

  • April 28 2002
    XMLSec 0.0.5 released:
    • Big external and internal cleanup. Now the API looks much more consistent and I hope simple. I hope to declare API frozen in the next couple weeks. Meantime, all comments and suggestions are welcome!
    • Added symmetric key wrap (aes, des) support.
    • Added RIPEMD-160 support.

  • April 19 2002
    Minor release XMLSec 0.0.4 with main goal to fix broken RPM:
    • The RPM is recompiled using OpenSSL 0.9.6. The previous version was compiled with OpenSSL 0.9.7 but I got few complains that there are no RPMs for 0.9.7 yet. The downsides of using 0.9.6 are some functionality limitations for XML Encryption (no AES support, incorrect padding mode for DES, etc.). If you want to use XML Encryption it is better to compile the library from sources and use OpenSSL 0.9.7
    • The testDSig, testEnc and testKeys scripts merged into standalone "xmlsec" application.
    • A couple minor bugs fixed.

  • April 17 2002
    Installed xmlsec mailing list.

  • April 16 2002
    A lot of changes and time for new release XMLSec 0.0.3:
    • The first release that includes XML Encryption support! The bad news is that most of new features require OpenSSL 0.9.7 which is not officially released yet.
    • Options to enable/disable support for particular algorithms were added to the ./configure script.
    • All transforms header files were consolidated in "transforms.h".

  • April 6 2002
    The RPM packages are now available.

  • April 5 2002
    Test suite updates and new minor release XML Security Library 0.0.2a.
    New interoperability tests were provided by Merlin Hughes. XML Security Library successfully passed all tests after small test program tweaking and adding workaround for OpenSSL CRL problem. These new tests are included into the distribution and previous Merlin's test suites are removed. Because of these changes I decided to generate a new package that also will include the Online XML Digital Signature Verifier code.

  • April 3 2002
    The Online XML Digital Signature Verifier is available! You can use this tool to verify your XML Digital Signatures from online Web form or using a simple Perl script. The idea was stolen from Manoj K. Srivastava.

  • March 31 2002
    Some major changes and a time for new release: XML Security Library 0.0.2. Now XML Security Library supports all MUST/SHOULD/MAY features from XMLDSig standard!
    • Added X509 certificates and certificate chains support
    • The detailed signature generation/verification results are made available to the application
    • RetrievalMethod, Manifests and additional algorithms are added
    • The Transforms and KeyInfo code was significantly re-writen with a goal to separate it from XMLDSig logic for better re-usability (in XML Encryption, etc.)

  • March 18 2002
    • Fixed wrong way shift of the DSA digest result bug found by Philipp Gühring. This bug is critical and I have to do a new build.
    • Added "--with-pedantic" configuration option and fixed all but "unused variable" warnings (bug reported by Daniel Veillard).

  • March 17 2002
    The XML Security Library 0.0.1 is released and available for download! Please try it out and send me your comments/suggestions.