XML Security Library


XML Security Core Library API Reference.

app — Crypto-engine independent application support function.
base64 — Base64 encoding/decoding functions.
bn — Big numbers support functions.
buffer — Binary buffer implementation.
dl — Dynamic crypto-engine library loading support.
errors — Error/log messages support.
io — Input/output support.
keyinfo — <dsig:KeyInfo/> node parser.
keysdata — Crypto key data object definition.
keys — Crypto key object definition.
keysmngr — Keys manager object support.
list — Generic list structure implementation.
membuf — Memory buffer transform implementation.
nodeset — Nodeset object implementation.
parser — Parser transform implementation.
templates — Dynamic templates creation functions.
transforms — Transform object definition.
version — Version macros.
xmldsig — XML Digital Signature support.
xmlenc — XML Encryption support.
xmlsec — Utility functions.
xmltree — XML tree operations.
x509 — <dsig:X509Certificate/> node parser.

This section contains the API reference for xmlsec. All the public interfaces are documented here. This reference guide is build by extracting comments from the code sources.