XML Security Library


Reporting Bugs and Getting Help

Well, any big enough program has a bug. You simply don't know where exactly :) The best way to report a bug is to use the GitHub Issues Tracker.

Before writing bug reports or questions do not hesitate to check FAQ. If you are writing your own code based on the XMLSec library then you should try to reproduce your problem with xmlsec command line utiliy first. And if it works just fine then you know whom to blame, don't you? :)

If you did all the steps above and you still think that you found something new then send as much information as possible, please. A good question or bug report MUST include the following:

  • XMLSec version number (or the snapshot date).
  • The platform/compiler you are using.
  • The exact xmlsec utility command line.
  • All the files mentioned in this command line.
  • The xmlsec utility output.

I'll do my best to fix reported bugs or answer questions as soon as I can. And of course, any patches, bug fixes and improvements are always welcome!

Please note, that bug tracking database is open to anyone. Any private or confidential information posted there became public. The author of XMLSec library assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by any information distribution using XMLSec GitHub issues tracker, discussions, source code, or any other XMLSec related tools.

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