[xmlsec] Encryption and namespace

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Mon Mar 22 08:47:16 PST 2004

It seems to me that this is only a warning. The code in
gnome-xml/parser.c file prints out the error message
	"Namespace prefix %s for %s on %s is not defined\n"
and continues. It should still create the XML tree.


Matthias Jung wrote:

> Oh, I ran into the same problem a week ago, while migrating from libxml 
> 2.5.11 to libxml 2.6.7.
> Decryption of such XML fragments works with xmlsec and libxml2.5.x but 
> not with 2.6.x. Something must have changed within the parser 
> implementation.
> Unfortunately I got no response on my posting till now.
> See: http://mail.gnome.org/archives/xml/2004-March/msg00206.html
> If I would know how to set up parser to ignore this namespace problem, I 
> could tweak xmlsec.
> Regards Matthias

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