[xmlsec] Pkcs12 selfsigned cert/priv key for 01-phaos-xmlenc-3kt tests

Wouter wsh at xs4all.nl
Wed Sep 24 23:58:24 PDT 2003

> Your file did not work for me again :) OpenSSL and NSS on Linux were not
> able to
> parse it. Anyway, I created p12 file myself and everything worked just
> fine: xmlsec-mscrypto
> passes all the tests but ones that have not implemented features and the
> file with
> public key that needs to be loaded from certificate. Great job!

Are you kidding me? The pkcs12 file is created with openssl itself!!
However since you have the tests now working without problems, and I had
some problems with the old pkcs12 file (see previous mail) I'm wondering
what the heck is going on... Unfortunately I'm not able to test the new
pkcs12 on my machine today, but if you don't have problems (any more) it's
a good sign! :)


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