[xmlsec] selecting strart node from command line

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Wed Sep 24 14:01:45 PDT 2003

No. It is not. You need to do something like this:
<Root xmlns:dsig="http://.....">
         . ..
And after that you can use "dsig:Siganture" in XPath expression.
Please read the XPath spec and play with XPath expressions
using xmllint tool included in LibXML2 package. Or hire someone
who can help you with this.


Jan-Olof Andersson wrote:

>I think I start to understand what you mean ;-))
>The dsig shall be declared and the Signature reference like <Signature
>xmlns="&dsig;" >
>Is that correct?
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>Your XPath expression have to select a single start node. The error
>tells you that
>the xpath expressiong you have used selected multiple or no nodes at
>all. In your case
>I would *guess* that you got no nodes because you did not specify namespaces
>(and /dsig:Signature and /Signature xpath expression select different
>nodes). Also
>please note that for signatures, start node is expected to be
><dsig:Signature/> node.
>BTW, there is a good XPath tutorial with a lot of examples:
>        http://www.zvon.org
>You might want to look at it if you need to quickly find an Xpath expression
>for your needs.
>Jan-Olof Andersson wrote:
>>Let me explain a little bit more...
>>I want to make the signing to start later in the document with the signing.
>>So I try to use xpath. But it always complains that I give the command in a
>>wrong way...
>>How should I write?
>>Best regards
>D:\Archivos de programa\GnuWin32\xmlsec\libxmlsec-1.1.1.win32\lib>xmlsec
>--pkcs12 certificado.pfx --output signed_xml.xml --pwd xxxxx --node-xpath
>/EnvioDTE/Signature/SignedInfo resum_caf_invoice_10.xml
>Error: xpath expression evaluation does not return a single node as expected
>Error: failed to load template "resum_caf_invoice_10.xml"
>Error: failed to sign file "resum_caf_invoice_10.xml"
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