[xmlsec] Problem: Comparing decimal with hexadecimal numbers

Wouter wsh at xs4all.nl
Sun Sep 14 13:10:07 PDT 2003

While implementing support for the mscrypto library, I ran into the
following problem:

Serial number of an X509 certificate is written in xml as an integer.
This means that a ASN1 encoded integer has to be converted to a string
containing a decimal number. Unfortunately until now I have found no way
within MS Crypto API to get this done, and I think it is not possible
with that library. It is possible to get a hex string representation of
the number (thanks to the code of Remy :), but would anyone know how to
convert this (either ASN.1 byte array, of hex string) to decimal
representation??? Any suggestion or idea on this is welcome.

Wouter Ketting

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