[xmlsec] Signing with X509 certificate using mscrypto provider

Jirka Kosek jirka at kosek.cz
Thu May 6 03:58:23 PDT 2010

Aleksey Sanin wrote:

> OK, I decided to bite the bullet and convert xmlsec to Unicode
> completely. For backward compatibility, there will be an option
> to compile it in non-unicode mode but the default mode will be
> unicode. I hope this took care of all the issues with I18N.

Well then it seems that I owe you at least one beer ;-)

> Jirka, could you please try this build:
> http://www.aleksey.com/public/xmlsec-20100427.tar.gz
> I tested it and it seems to work but you are finding all the
> possible issues that I never can find myself :)

I made some test and it seems OK. Thank you very much and sorry for late
reply, I have been pretty busy with other things in past days.


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