[xmlsec] getting the command-line utility / non-xml version

timo.harmo at helsinki.fi timo.harmo at helsinki.fi
Fri Aug 17 01:31:11 PDT 2007

Hello (and sorry if this comes twice, I was too eager and posted 
before my subscription was confirmed)

Is the xmlsec-command-line utility windows-binary (or delphi project 
source) somewhere in the download-packages? I apologize for my 
blindness, but I could not locate it anywhere.

Ultimately I'd like to incorporate the lib into my app, but I figured 
I could settle for calling the command-line and reading output-riles, 
error-levels or whatever back. 

To incorporate it, I would dream of a version that would not require 
libxml. I'd like to use my own xml-parser and pass the canonized  
serialized strings instead of a pointers to nodes to the functions 
that compute the hashes etc. Any estimates of how big a project this 
would be? (probably quite prohibitive for me, with little experience 
in C and almost none with openssl/mscrypto, and half a days worth of 
browsing at xmlsec).

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