[xmlsec] What can Xmlsec do for me?

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Wed Dec 13 11:04:29 PST 2006

> In the internet I have searched for an XML parser with 
> encryption/signatures and found Xmlsec. But what doese Xmlsec+Libxml2 
> for me?
Everything, of course :)

> 1. There is an Xml file with encrypted parts. Who doese the enc- 
> decryption? Xmlsec? The only thing I have to implement is a secure place 
> for the keys. Right?
You might even be able to use "default" keys storages provided for
different crypto libraries.

> 2. Who doese the signatur thing? Who creates it, who checks it? Are this 
> tasks automated within Xmlsec?
xmlsec does everything according to the template you create. See xmlsec
tutorial for explanations and examples.

> 3. Libxml is a validating parser. With encryption and signature features 
> are comming a lot of extra XML elements. (According to the standard how 
> enc and sig must be implemented). Must I put this elements into the 
> schema? If yes, is there a schema creating program that doese this work 
> for me? Altova Xml-Spy doesnt.

You can validate xml with DTD or schemas using libxml2. Not sure what
you mean by "schema creating programs" though. There are plenty of them
and libxml2 should work with schemas created in any of them.


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