[xmlsec] build config change for nss

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Fri Jun 9 07:41:19 PDT 2006

> I didn't have time to try it, only looked at the source.  I'm wondering
> if xulrunner should take precedence over mozilla just in case both .pc
> files are installed, as xulrunner is the future.
May be... We can tweak it if we want to :)

> Small change for next release: please change my email address on the
> contributors page to john at neggie.net.
Sure. Updated in CVS, will push to the web site next week with the

> I've also been wanting to improve the examples Unix makefile to support
> all three engines in parallel (and maybe the command line client too) so
> that it can be used for a light regression test, but haven't had a chance.
I believe, if you do a build with dynamic linking today then all crypt
engines are built and tested in parallel. I don't think it is makefiles
change but rather code change (which engine to load) in the examples.
Not sure it is worth it since this will complicate these examples :(


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