[xmlsec] build config change for nss

John Belmonte john at neggie.net
Fri Jun 9 04:17:39 PDT 2006

aleksey at aleksey.com wrote:
> Oh... Daniel also had to tweak NSPR/NSS package names for Fedora... I just
> updated xmlsec configuration scripts and I believe it should handle new
> NSPR/NSS packages' names for both Fedora and Debian.
> Jon, Daniel, can you try the current CVS version, please? If everything works
> for you then I will try (very hard) to do an xmlsec release next week.

I didn't have time to try it, only looked at the source.  I'm wondering
if xulrunner should take precedence over mozilla just in case both .pc
files are installed, as xulrunner is the future.

Small change for next release: please change my email address on the
contributors page to john at neggie.net.

I've also been wanting to improve the examples Unix makefile to support
all three engines in parallel (and maybe the command line client too) so
that it can be used for a light regression test, but haven't had a chance.


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