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    On your last question, RFC3161 timestamps are by definition PKCS7 ASN1 binary signatures. The only XMLDSIG-based timestamp I am aware of is from the OASIS DSS Technical Committee at

I have used xmlsec to create dss:Timestamps without problems.

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Hi, Aleksey,

What do you think future image of xmlsec?
You did update hash algorithms with OpnSSL.
Is this enhancement were measures for NIST sha-1 announce?

But the CAs and IC card vendor could not upgrade algorithms soon.
Because it depend on OS function and IC chip. So, the TSA did upgrade
algorithms and
wrap signature by new algorithms timestamp.
www.e-timestamp.com and www.pfutsa.net already support RSA2048bit and SHA-2
algorithms timestamp. The pfutsa.net is japanese site....
And TSAs has SDK for own service.

Will you support RFC3161 timestamp on xmlsec?


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