[xmlsec] detached encrypted key

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Fri Oct 29 12:19:33 PDT 2004

> So after decryption what i get is key value(it is not
> text they are some octets).
And this is *not* an XML! Check the xml spec, it does not
allow arbitrary binary data in xml file. Thus, xmlsec
correctly complains when you try to use "Content" type
for octets.

> 2) If i tell the parser about those Ids on my own,
> then when the xmlsec will read the EncryptedKey or 
> EncryptedData for decryption, it will also try to
> register them, libxml2 would or should flash an error
> in that case.
Not sure I understand this. If you register these ID
attibutes in libxml2 using DTD, schema or manualy then
xmlsec will just do nothing. I don't think anyone
should/would complain in this case.


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