[xmlsec] detached encrypted key

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Fri Oct 29 16:28:24 PDT 2004

Good to knw that you found a way to make it work!


nitin singh wrote:
> Hello Aleksey,
> last mail went from the other accnt. :)
> Yes you were right that the after decryption,
> decryptor should get cleartext octets. 
> Actualy what i wanted was the ablility to read the
> encrypted key from a detached encrypted key element.
>  I was able to generate it, but
> decryption gave me problems as the Ids were not known.
> Now i manualy register them(works well for me that
> way) and it is working properly.
> I also learned that there is no need for decrypting 
> the encrypted key element, xmlsec takes care of it. :)
> thanks for your help.
> nitin

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