[xmlsec] Re: Questions

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Mon Sep 20 23:28:37 PDT 2004

> I just started utilizing xmlsec this week. Great product! I was unable to get 
> the following message to be accepted by the mailinglist so I am forwarding it 
> to you.
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> Question #1: Who should I forward a custom SuSE 9.1 rpm to?
Not to me for sure :) You might want to check in SuSE mailing lists.
However, if you have scripts to do xmlsec build for SuSE and can/want
to share these scripts with others then I would be glad to include
them in xmlsec distribution.

> Question #2: I am attempting to sign Docbook Website Source. I receive a 
> segmentation fault. Is this because there is not an xml declaration? This 
> declaration is performed during transformation. Yet it is happy to sign the 
> XHTML output.
Get a stack trace. In theory, if there are no XML declaration then
it should not core dump but print a parser error. Also check that you
are linking to and loading correct libraries (ldd command).

> Question #3: Any ideas how i am able to go about signing the Docbook Website 
> Source, then validating it against the DTD?
I would suggest to first find out why it core dumps.  Validating
against DTD is easy with LibXML2. Check http://xmlsoft.org for details.


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