[xmlsec] Re: Questions

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Tue Sep 21 08:10:25 PDT 2004

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> I already did. I got the "Welcome to the "xmlsec" mailing list (Digest mode)" 
> email from the mailman service. Yet it still fails to accept my email because 
> of content?
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> .net 016: The destination mail system refused to accept your e-mail
> message.
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This is one of my spam filters :) You have sent a message with subject
"<newbie alert!!!" and it was rejected because of "!!!". If you will
reply to this email then just send it to xmlsec mailing list. It should

> Here's what i have. I sign my XML Source. The signature is verified as "ok". I 
> check the new document with xmllint via a custom Makefile for building my 
> site. It fails because the DTD does not contain the "Envelope" element and 
> its children.
Well, you need to modify the DTD and add Envelope.

> I know that I can customize the DTD to accept these XML Security introduced 
> elements, but seems a little overkill. Here's my stderr:
I am not sure I understand why is it an overkill. You have A DTD
describing some XML document. Now you sign this document and produce
a *new* signed XML document. Obviously, you need a new DTD because
the old one does not know about signature.

> <snip>
> xmllint --noent --noout --xinclude --valid index.xml
> index.xml:5: element Envelope: validity error : No declaration for attribute 
> xmlns of element Envelope
> <Envelope xmlns="urn:envelope">
>                               ^
> index.xml:5: element Envelope: validity error : root and DTD name do not match 
> 'Envelope' and 'webpage'
> <Envelope xmlns="urn:envelope">
>                               ^
> etc..................
> </snip>
> Looks as though I may have to build a customized layer, and assign it a public 
> identifier. Comments?
Sorry, I don't understand what do you mean.


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