[xmlsec] Where did STDERR go ?

Ed Shallow ed.shallow at rogers.com
Mon Sep 20 21:10:12 PDT 2004

Hello Aleksey and Valery,

      I am successfully running xmlsec 1.1.4 behind pyxmlsec 0.2.0 under 
mod_python 3.1.3 under Apache 2.0. All works fine except that I cannot 
find the STDERR detailed output from xmlsec in the event of (for 
example) a Verify error ?

      Invoking my pyxmlsec from the command line echoes STDERR to the 
console as expected when the same Verify fails, so it does not seem to 
be pyxmlsec or xmlsec themselves.

      The httpd.conf in Apache picks up the default ErrorLog which is 
supposed to receive STDERR output, and LogLevel is set to "error".

Have you any ideas or workarounds for: turning on, redirecting, or 
trapping the STDERR messages from XMLsec ?


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