[xmlsec] About xmlParseInNodeContext() in libxml2.

Tomas Sieger tomas.sieger at systinet.com
Fri Sep 17 02:56:36 PDT 2004

Aleksey Sanin wrote:
>> Write me if you need more help following this complex hack (e.g. to 
>> send sources). 
> I am interested :) It would be really great if you can share your
> changes. It seems that this solves the problem and does not require
> the latest libxml2. In the ideal case I would love to have both:
> your patch for old libxml2 and xmlParseInNodeContext() for newer
> libxml2.

Ok, I'm sending a diff to xmltree.c. I've tried to follow the XMLSec 
coding rules, but I guess a review is a must ;-).
Note newly created functions in xmltree.c are static - please publish 
them if you think it is a good idea.

best regards,
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