[xmlsec] About xmlParseInNodeContext() in libxml2.

StackWD(hotmail) StackWD at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 16 18:46:24 PDT 2004

Thanks for help!
Yes, I found the error occur at different position according to the content of xml file when I debug into xmlFreeDoc() or xmlFreeNode(). For example, the node is like this <xsi:getsumReturn xsi:type="xsd:int">2000</xsi:getsumReturn>, that is a part of soap and contain attribute and NS. If not attribute and NS, free it may be successfully. BTW, the whole XML file parses successfully at all before I do. Are there any solve methods or whether I miss something? I want to know are you facing up this problem? Or have some advice?
I appreciate you!

>> I'm sorry to say although I have inserted those two lines as below, 
> > the error is so. But I have found an interesting things, if remove
> > the attribute xsi:type=\"xsd:int\" of buffer, that's OK!
>Interesting! It sounds like Libxml2 uses xsi:type to do something
>with the node content. Can you parse this file at all?

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