[xmlsec] Signing SOAP envelopes

Erik F. Andersen ea at ascott.dk
Fri Jun 4 08:34:54 PDT 2004


So far so good, I'm now able to sign documents from my Delphi apps using XMLSEC with MSCrypto.

My last and hopefully final problem is how to sign a SOAP envelope? As far as I can determine the data to be signed is always the value of the data-node (please correct me if I'm wrong) but this will not work with a SOAP envelope!

I would also like to know if it is possible to sign multible parts of an XML independant of each other. In my case I need to sign _parts_ of the SOAP body (the signature should stay in the body) and also sign the whole SOAP body (the signature should go in the SOAP header) after parts of the body has been signed.

Complicated?? I hope not.

Erik F. Andersen
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