[xmlsec] Questions regarding xmlsec-nss

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Tue Mar 30 09:22:57 PST 2004

 > I have two questions, is there any s/w wherein I can generate
> a key in  this format?
openssl can write keys and certificates in both PEM and DER format.
Check "-inform" and "-outform" options. This is very strange that
you got crashers. One more option you have is to import the key
in the NSS keydb and then xmlsec can load keys from there. Check
the NSS distribution for "pk12util".

> Second, how difficult is it to extend the support to other key formats in 
> xmlsec? Or is the problem with  NSS, which has no support.
This is NSS limitation. For example, xmlsec-openssl supports both PEM
and DER files. I don't want xmlsec to parse key files by itself
thus you have to file a bug against NSS (but I guess I know the


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