[xmlsec] two crypto libraries at the same time

P.Q.Hung hungpq at volny.cz
Tue Nov 11 02:07:16 PST 2003

thanks a lot for the answer. I was only wonder if it works with two loaded crypto libs.
It is obvious from your answer that it is. It is enough for me.

Btw, real use case may be speed, interoperability. 
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  Nothing is impossible, it's only software but one would have to write 
  some additional code to tell xmlsec which algorithms are used by which 
  library. But I really don't know a real use case for such a thing.


  P.Q.Hung wrote:

    sorry for a stupid question.

    Does xmlxec support two crypto libs at one time?
    I can imagine an usecase:
    Custumer A has an application using xmlsec with MSCrypto. He wants to use SDK from sw provider B. But the SDK uses xmlsec with openssl crypto. Is any problem here or not?

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