[xmlsec] programming model

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Thu Oct 9 13:52:34 PDT 2003

First of all, please use xmlsec mailing list for all questions about 
xmlsec library.

Yes, xmlsec needs to have a new template for each signature it performs 
it puts signature results in the template. However, the template does 
not need to be
a standalone XML file. For example, in your case, you can put two 
templates in the
same document and just provide different "start nodes" for two different 
The way you select "start nodes" is completely up to you.


Julianne Bielski wrote:

> Aleksey,
> So, is the idea with your library that you create a fresh signature 
> template for each signature in a single xml document that you want 
> verified?
> For example, if I have an xml document with a detached signature for a 
> remote file as well as an enveloped signature that's a signature over 
> the document itself, must I create two signature templates from my 
> original xml document and feed them in separately to the xmlsec APIs?
> Alternatively, can I give the xmlsec APIs an XPATH pointer to each 
> individual signature element?
> -- Regards,
> J. Bielski

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