[xmlsec] Re: Invalid certificate (and new todo)

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Mon Sep 29 19:45:50 PDT 2003

> 3) Look into failing tests (there is a new pkcs12 file from Wouter 
> that needs to be tested). 

Done. All the tests that are expected to pass do pass.

> 4) Do one more code review pass. 

Done. Found a couple memory leaks and non-initalized memory usage in ltdl.

> 5) Think about running xmlsec-mscrypto with memory checker 

Does not look like there is any free memory checker for Windows. If 
anyone can
run the tests from the test suite under Purify and report results then I 
would really
appreciate this.

My pre-release program is completed :) If there is no objections 
(Wouter?) I am going
to do 1.2.0 release tomorrow.


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