FW: [xmlsec] xmlsec-mscrypto code review

Jan-Olof Andersson jan-olof.andersson at blcc.biz
Wed Sep 24 08:48:12 PDT 2003

Dear Aleksey,

I replied the last message last time. I resend it with the correct original

when I define the xpath as a /../../ standard, what tag is it be looking for
in order to work properly?

Best regards


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First of all, I guess you are asking about xmlsec command line utility :)
By default, xmlsec processes the first <dsig:Signature/> or
node it finds in the input document. But you can override this by using
following options:

    > ./xmlsec1 help-sign | less
     --node-id <id>
       set the operation start point to the node with given <id>
     --node-name [<namespace-uri>:]<name>
       set the operation start point to the first node
       with given <name> and <namespace> URI
     --node-xpath <expr>
       set the operation start point to the first node
       selected by the specified XPath expression


>It always seems to sign the first signature it finds, into the LOCALDATA...

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