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Edward Shallow ed.shallow at rogers.com
Tue Sep 23 21:34:41 PDT 2003


    This attached is a signature which resulted from successive signings
over the same XML from within Microsoft's InfoPath Release Candidate (i.e.
coming soon).

    It is confusing in its use of copy and copy-of. Both signatures have
enveloped-signature tranforms followed by XSLT tranasforms. The first
signature uses 2 templates the 1st of which is a copy whereas the second
signature uses a single template within a copy-of and matches on the @Id of
the 1st signature. 

    The second signature seems to cover "only" the first ? Is this a valid
countersignature ?

Secondly but related, how would one create parallel signatures over the same
data using XMLSec ?  Using 2 successive sign operations ? Assuming one is
using a template, what would it look like for the 2nd sign operation ? For
this 2nd pass, does the enveloped-signature transform only exclude the
signature being applied (i.e. the 2nd) ? If so, what is the best way to
exclude the 1st ? 


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