[xmlsec] Emailing: EdTestFormNoMSO.zip

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Tue Sep 23 21:55:01 PDT 2003

>Secondly but related, how would one create parallel signatures over the same
>data using XMLSec ?  Using 2 successive sign operations ? 

>Assuming one is using a template, what would it look like for the 2nd sign operation ? 
Template is just an XML file, remember :)

>For this 2nd pass, does the enveloped-signature transform only exclude the
>signature being applied (i.e. the 2nd) ? 
Enveloped transform by definition excludes only the current signature 
(see XMLDSig spec for details).
It does not matter is it first or second signature.

>If so, what is the best way to exclude the 1st ? 
XInclude, XPath, XPath2 or XSLT transofrms are probably the simplest 
ways (you might have interop problems
with XPath2). But probably I wouldn't use XSLT just for that task.


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