[xmlsec] Mscrypto patch no 3

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Thu Sep 11 17:20:23 PDT 2003

>Here is the third (big) patch for the new mscrypto support stuff. The
>patch is created today (9/11) against the XMLSEC_MSCRYPTO_083103 branch,
>and so it is merged with the new dynamic crypto lib loading routines :)
Great! Thanks a lot! Applied and commited. Hope you did not have major 
problems merging
your changes with the dynamic crypto loading changes I made.

>Regarding this, I'm not sure if the mscrypto lib should become the
>default library for windows...
Well, it was just an idea :) The only reason I have for this is that on 
Linux you expect to have
OpenSSL installed. On Windows you have to install it. IMHO, the default 
choice should give
user as less pain as possible. If you understand what you are doing 
(i.e. you know *why*
OpenSSL is better than MSCrypto for you) then you probably know how to 
change default
settings too. Anyway, it was just an idea. Since nobody likes it then we 
just let it die. I don't care :)

>Back to the patch:
>With this patch new support becomes available for DSA keys/certificates
>and DSA-SHA1 signatures, and for pkcs12 key loading. 

>Further about a million changes, to get everything working smoothly,
>lots of bug fixes, better ms certificates and keys handling, and lots
I still need to find time to review the code in xmlsec-mscrypto but 
after quick look other
the patch I can say that it is defenetly fixes a lot of things! Thanks a 

>Not *all* tests are failing anymore ;) However the tests suite is not
>running smoothly on the windows platform. Check the Readme file in
>src/mscrypto directory for more info on this.
I think that we should discuss these issues in mailing list. May be 
someone with a great idea
how to solve these problems will read message in mailing list but would 
be too lazy to search
for README file :)

 >      1) /tmp folder is in the sh at a different location then in
 >      the application (xmlsec.exe) (c:\cygwin\tmp versus c:\tmp) on
 >      my machine. It means you need c:\tmp folder to run the
 >      tests.
I am not sure I understand that. I believe that the only place where we 
/tmp folder is in the tests/test*.sh. And on Windows it is always 
<cygwin install root>/tmp
(i.e. c:\cygwin\tmp). Who requires c:\tmp folder?

 >      2) Since the working directory is xmlsec/win32, instead of
 >        xmlsec, some files with keys are not found. (Causes raw-cert
 >        sig test to fail, for example.)
Yes. This can and should be fixed in win32 Makefile. I'll do it. Also
I would like to execute test suite for all available xmlsec-crypto libs
on Windows (in the same way as we do it on Linux). Anyone knows
how to do
    for i in .... ;
in Windows makefiles?

 >        3) Thirdly the command diff is used, but this may result into
 >        finding differences in files simply because of the original
 >        file may have lf and the newly generated files have crlf as
 >        linebreaks. Use diff --strip-trailing-cr to avoid these
 >        problems.
I don't think I like the idea of using --strip-trailing-cr. The end of line
difference might be a real problem and if we use such an option then
we can miss it. I don't see it myself. Which tests are you talking about?

 >        4) With the diff option files generated by the xmlsec.exe
 >        command are compared. The files are created in c:\tmp folder,
 >        but in the shell /tmp is c:\cygwin\tmp (on my machine). Add
 >        /cygdrive/c before the filename variable.
Can you check the TMP environment variable, please?

 >        5) Since HMAC is not supported at all, the generate keys
 >        fails. All key generations are done in 1 command.
Yes, this could be fixed. I'll do it.

 >        6) Apparently the keys from the encryption tests from phaos
 >        tests are not read/imported correctly, or possibly something
 >        in the import code is wrong. This results in lots of
 >        failures. Since plain private key import is not supported,
 >        decryption without using pkcs 12 keys is not supported.
Sounds like this requires an investigation. OpenSSL and NSS have
no problems opening these files thus I would expect the same from
MSCrypto. Can you take a look at this, please?

 >        7) Most other failures at my site are the results of not
 >        implemented functionalities.


 >        Fixing the problems without breaking unix/linux environments
 >        will take some effort, but should be done at the end. I would
 >        prefer an environment for windows where cygwin is not needed :)

Actually I know how to fix that but as usual did not have time and
it was not a priority :( The idea is:
    - Create tests description in platform neutral format (XML, csv, etc.)
    - Process these decriptions before running the tests and generate
    platform specific files (*.sh, *.bat, etc.)
In case of XML format, the processing could be done with XSLT stylesheet
thus one can use xsltproc for that :) Any volunteers?

>Aleksey: Could you apply this patch, and commit into cvs, and add the 2
>new files in the attached zip file? 
Done. Thanks a lot again!


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