[xmlsec] Mscrypto patch no 3

Wouter wsh at xs4all.nl
Thu Sep 11 12:58:39 PDT 2003


Here is the third (big) patch for the new mscrypto support stuff. The
patch is created today (9/11) against the XMLSEC_MSCRYPTO_083103 branch,
and so it is merged with the new dynamic crypto lib loading routines :)
Regarding this, I'm not sure if the mscrypto lib should become the
default library for windows. Since if a plain choice has to be made
between for example OpenSSL and MS CryptoAPI, I would definitely choose
for OpenSSL, even for the sole reason the src of OpenSSL is available to
watch/check. The only reason one could choose for MS CryptoAPI support
is for commercial reasons, better integration with existing software
(internet explorer/windows/etc.) can be reached then.

Back to the patch:
With this patch new support becomes available for DSA keys/certificates
and DSA-SHA1 signatures, and for pkcs12 key loading. 
Further about a million changes, to get everything working smoothly,
lots of bug fixes, better ms certificates and keys handling, and lots

Not *all* tests are failing anymore ;) However the tests suite is not
running smoothly on the windows platform. Check the Readme file in
src/mscrypto directory for more info on this.

Aleksey: Could you apply this patch, and commit into cvs, and add the 2
new files in the attached zip file? 

Wouter Ketting
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