[xmlsec] mscrypto api support, initial (alpha) release

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Sun Aug 31 17:36:18 PDT 2003

Hi, Wouter!

First of all, I would like to say "thanks" to you and Cordys R&D BV for 
your work with others! This is really great and I think many people 
would join me
in saying "Thanks a lot!"

I have created a special branch in xmlsec CVS for MSCrypto work. As we
discussed before, we would merge this branch to the trunk as soon as we 
feel that the code is ready. The branch name is "XMLSEC_MSCRYPTO_083103"
and the branch start tag is "XMLSEC_MSCRYPTO_083103_START". You can
check out the branch using following CVS command:
cvs -z3 -d ':pserver:anonymous at anoncvs.gnome.org:/cvs/gnome' checkout -r 
XMLSEC_MSCRYPTO_083103 xmlsec

As usual, there might be some delay before changes would be propagated to
anonymous CVS.

I did not do a full review and I just did a quick look. I hope to do a 
more in depth
review in a couple weeks. However, I have spotted few problems I would 
like to
resolve. All of these are minor things but they help to maintain the 
project :)

    0) AUTHORS file. Please update ./AUTHORS file and include appropriate
    information about you and your company. If you give a URL to your 
    Web site then I can publish it on xmlsec pages too.
    1) End-of-line. The patch has DOS (\r\n) end of line and the rest of 
the code
    uses UNIX (\n) one. I would prefer to keep the consistent code style 
    I have converted all your files to use UNIX eol. I am not sure that 
    could be done about that on your side but if you can check your 
editor settings
    and if there is an "eol" mode and set it to Unix. If you would not 
find it then it's
    not a big problem because I have a script to convert DOS eol to UNIX 
    2) Indentation. Well, it's completely screwed up :) I have fixed it 
in a few files
    but it's just wrong in all other places. Again, I would like to have 
consistent source
    code style thus I would appreciate if you can change your editor 
    to have 4 character tabs and fill tabs with spaces.
    3) Code style. There are few other things that are different in your 
    For example, the function in your code sometimes looks like this

    static int something() {

    but other code (and some of your files!) use a different style:

    static int
    something() {

    There are few other things that needs to be synched. There is a file 
    HACKING that describes some of these things. Please, take a look!
    4) Documentation. The quick review shows that most of the functions 
are documented.
    I did not run doc generation tool thus I don't know about errors 
yet. But we will do it
    before merging this to the trunk. However, there are few other 
things that should be done:
          - README file in src/mscrypto folder. It should have a brief 
description of how does
          xmlsec-mscrypto works, list of things not implemented yet, 
list of things that would not
          be implemented. For example, check the README file in src/nss 
folder prepared by Tej.
          And I guess some portion of your message should go in this file :)
          - docs/faq.html. There is a question 1.2 about licensing. I 
would appreciate if you can
          add xmlsec-mscrypto to the tabe.
          - docs/xmldsig.html and docs/xmlenc.html. There are interop 
tables that shows which
          features are implemented by each crypto engine. It would be 
great if you can add
          xmlsec-mscrypto to these tables.

Thanks again,

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