[xmlsec] 1.0.1 documentation bugs

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Sun May 25 22:06:41 PDT 2003

> I found several documentation bugs in the xmlsec1-1.0.1 package:
>     * man pages show wrong version (1.0.0) 


>     * xmlsec1 man page typo: singining (please run spell checker on 
> your docs) 

Fixed. I don't like spell errors but I am not sure that I have a good 
idea on how to
simply run spell checker on a man page generated from an executable. And 
I accept
contributions if you hate spell errors more than I do :)

>     * missing examples/Makefile (according to examples/README)
>     * missing examples/autogen.sh (according to examples/README) 

Already fixed in CVS.

>     * link to script source code is broken on Online Verifier page 

It is broken in the distribution because I do not want to include old 
examples and documentation.
However, it works fine on the web site. I can remove it completely but 
it seems wrong to me.

> Also I found that Debian keeps the nss library includes in 
> /usr/include/mozilla/nss.  Would you add "/usr/include/mozilla" to 
> ac_nss_inc_dir?

Done. Added /usr/include/mozilla and /usr/local/include/mozilla (just in 
case :) )

Thanks for bug report!


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