[xmlsec] XML digital signature enveloped

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Isn't it also possible to use a reference like:
<Reference URI="#<id-of-your-node>">
This would be a so called detached signature
even if the referenced node is in the same document.


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By definition, enveloped transform returns the node set that contains
all the nodes in the document except the <dsig:Signature> subtree.
If you want to sign only a content of a particular node then you probably
need to use XPath transform instead. If you can achieve your goal
with template and xmlsec utility then imgrating to a dynamically
created templates is pretty straigthforward: just call correct functions
in correct order (and you always can dump the dynamically created
template to a file to verify that you are creating exactly what you want).

And there is no difference between missing and empty URI attribute
in the <dsig:Reference> element.


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