[Fwd: [xmlsec] Required newlines in signed document xml ?]

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Wed Feb 19 09:04:46 PST 2003

There is one more (ugly) solution: you can write your own transform for 
library that will remove \n and whatever else you want. It'll probably 
be faster than
xslt but not interoperable with other xml dsig toolkits.


Meg Morgan wrote:

>Unfortunately due to deadlines I had to put this issue on a "nice-to-have"
>status instead of "have-to-have".  It was only an issue for me in generating
>test data, so I just had to make sure I put "\n" in the appropriate places.
>I will probably revisit this issue in the coming months, and I would appreciate
>hearing your progress as well.
>Ulrich.Wimboeck at de.gi-de.com wrote:
>>I have got the same problems with the white characters (new lines).
>>Meg, or someone else, did you find a solution for this problem and how does
>>it look like?
>>(e.g by using an XSLT Transform within the Signature)
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