[Fwd: [xmlsec] Required newlines in signed document xml ?]

Meg Morgan meg at votehere.net
Wed Feb 19 08:32:53 PST 2003


Unfortunately due to deadlines I had to put this issue on a "nice-to-have"
status instead of "have-to-have".  It was only an issue for me in generating
test data, so I just had to make sure I put "\n" in the appropriate places.
I will probably revisit this issue in the coming months, and I would appreciate
hearing your progress as well.


Ulrich.Wimboeck at de.gi-de.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I have got the same problems with the white characters (new lines).
> Meg, or someone else, did you find a solution for this problem and how does
> it look like?
> (e.g by using an XSLT Transform within the Signature)
> Thanx,
> Uli
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