[xmlsec] status of crypto engine refactoring?

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Sun Jan 26 20:33:42 PST 2003

Hi, John!

I didn;t have a lot of time last month because of holidays, work, and some
personal stuff. But it seems that things are getting better now and I 
hope to
get some time to finally finish this. I am afraid to give any timeframes
because I already did it once and was not able to deliver :( I am really
sorry about that but I just couldn't change it :(

And I would be glad to help with adding PGP support. It's also very
interesting to me and I think we can try to make this work together.

With best regards,

John Belmonte wrote:

> Aleksey, would you give an update on your work to separate the 
> OpenSSL-dependent code?
> For a project I'm working on, we are interested in adding GnuTLS 
> engine support.  At the same time I would like to add support for PGP 
> keys.
> Having *any* GPL-compatible crypto engine available will also be a 
> help for getting xmlsec into Debian.  Up until now I haven't been able 
> to find a sponsor to officially add xmlsec to Debian, because the 
> people with the authority seem to view packages that are dependent on 
> OpenSSL as taboo.
> Regards,
> -John

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