[xmlsec] Re: problem encrypting when using Windows 2000 ?

Meg Morgan meg at votehere.net
Wed Jan 8 11:11:39 PST 2003

Guess what.  I win the stupid award for this week.  Must be the

I had commented out a static variable whose constructor initializes xmlsec,
because I had defined it elsewhere, but then wasn't calling that code.  So
xmlSecInit wasn't getting called!  Duh.  Strange that that wouldn't
manifest itself all the way until I got to calling Encrypt, then would
complain about transforms.

I don't even need any of those #defines.

Thanks to the list for putting up with my woeful thread!  And you too,
Igor and Aleksey.  It seems to be working now -- I'll find out when I
do my decrypt!


Igor Zlatkovic wrote:
> Meg Morgan wrote:
> > I was just about to write.  I am trying to digest all of the great
> > information.  If I put the #defines in my code before the xmlsec
> > headers, intestingly enough I get link errors (unresolved externals)
> > on three variables which happen to be in the transforms.h header.
> > Recall that the error message was about the transform.  I also downloaded
> > the libxmlsec-0.0.11.win32.v6 but got the same behavior as before (but
> > without the #defines, since that doesn't even link for me).
> Eh? Time for a serious debugging fest.
> > We make all of our projects multithreaded dlls, btw.
> Okay.
> > I will send source code if you still want to see it Igor ...
> Sure, that's the fastest way to see where the problem is. ah, if you are
> sending more than one source file, please, please click on "generate
> makefile" before you send. I don't have Visual Studio IDE installed, just
> the command-line compiler.
> Ciao,
> Igor

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