[xmlsec] Application specific URIs?

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Fri Dec 6 08:01:50 PST 2002

>Even if I use "ftp://" URIs.
>I also found a comment in io.c saying  /* todo: add an ability to use custom
>protocol handlers */
This is an obsolete comment. The loop below this comment goes thru the 
list of
registered callbacks and calls "matchcallback" functions. The first 
handler that
returns 1 wins :) Please set a breakpoint there and try the following 
(paths are relative to the top level xmlsec folder):

    ./xmlsec verify 

>I then found out that the callbacks are a general XML-lib feature so
>"ftp://" and "http://" URIs seem to be taken care of in libxml2. So if I use
>the libXML2 xmlRegisterInputCallbacks instead my methods gets called but
>since there is an xmlSecRegisterInputCallbacks function this does not seem
>logical to do.
>What does xmlSecRegisterInputCallbacks do that xmlRegisterInputCallbacks
>don't and what is the clue to triggering
>the callback methods?
I am confused here. What exactly are you trying to achieve by using external
callbacks? It is possible that you have to register your callbacks for 
xmlsec and libxml. XMLSec callbacks provide support for custom URLs in
the Reference URI attribute when LibXML2 callbacks give you support for
custom URLs for external DTDs, stylesheets, etc. I thought about using 
the Libxml2
system everywhere and decided that this is wrong idea (but I do not remember
exact reasons :( ). Probably I'll take a look at this one more time in 
the next
"big refresh" I am working on right now.
The good news is that the callbacks are exactly the same so you just 
need to call
two registration functions :)


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