[xmlsec] Application specific URIs?

Asbjørn Oskal asbjorn.oskal at welldiagnostics.com
Fri Dec 6 02:12:14 PST 2002


I have studied the io.c but I'm still not able to understand how this
callback scheme works.
None of the methods (apart from xmlSecRegisterInputCallbacks which I call
myself) in io.c are called.
Even if I use "ftp://" URIs.
I also found a comment in io.c saying  /* todo: add an ability to use custom
protocol handlers */

I then found out that the callbacks are a general XML-lib feature so
"ftp://" and "http://" URIs seem to be taken care of in libxml2. So if I use
the libXML2 xmlRegisterInputCallbacks instead my methods gets called but
since there is an xmlSecRegisterInputCallbacks function this does not seem
logical to do.

What does xmlSecRegisterInputCallbacks do that xmlRegisterInputCallbacks
don't and what is the clue to triggering
the callback methods?


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> The logic is simple -- we are parsing URI and if the protocol and then
> go thru the list of registered handlers. If one of handlers *Match*
> returns 1 then we use the *Open*, etc. functions from this handler to
> process the uri. Check the src/io.c code.
> Aleksey
> Asbjørn Oskal wrote:
> >Hi!
> >
> >Thanks for the answer.
> >
> >I added my custom callbacks after xmlSecInit but my methods never get
> >called.
> >What triggers the calling of custom callbacks?
> >Has it something to do with the type attribute in the reference element?
> >did not set anything there.
> >My URI looks like "internal://1".
> >
> >:)
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