[xmlsec] Application specific URIs?

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Thu Dec 5 08:25:13 PST 2002

All the URI processing is done thru the same scheme. Take a look at the 
end of
io.c file: xmlSecRegisterDefaultInputCallbacks() function registers default
callbacks using exactly the same approach.
The only thing you might need to take care of is that you should add 
your custom
callbacks *after* xmlsec initialization.


Asbjørn Oskal wrote:

> Hi!
> As far as I can see in the W3C xml spec section 2.1.1, URIs in
> references can also be of application specific type. Is this correct?
> I also found the method xmlSecRegisterInputCallbacks which seemed to
> take care of this by allowing the definition of methods to handle other
> types of URIs than the default ones.
> Let say I want to handle URIs starting with "internal://".
> I create four functions
> xmlIOInternalMatch, xmlIOInternalOpen, xmlIOInternalRead 
> and xmlIOInternalClose
> to handle this and register them with xmlSecRegisterInputCallbacks.
> I tried but they were never called.
> :)

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