[xmlsec] Using XMLSec with other crypto engines

Tejkumar Arora tej at netscape.com
Wed Nov 6 01:25:56 PST 2002

Aleksey Sanin wrote:

>> You mention above that these functions will likely be implemented for
>> NSS. However, these file related functions don't make sense for NSS.
> I really doubt that NSS does not have a function to load a cert from
> a pem file. And if so then you might want to ask NSS guys to add it.
> Most of the examples for xmlsec are based on the keys and certs in
> the files. I would suggest to think about finding a way to support this. 

Well, that's a workaround not a solution :-).
I understood that supporting NSS or whatever crypto lib means supporting
its native environment properly....  so the xmlsec API should fit
the crypto libs, not the other way around...

If you had stuck EXCLUSIVELY to pkcs12 format (which is standard across
crypto libs) in your APIs, things would have been slightly better but still
lacking the usability of supporting native formats.... The pkcs12 file 
is primarily used for transporting certs/keys.

>> to handle crypto differences....
>> By the way these functions are in keys.h, keysmngr.h, and x509.h, and 
>> I don't
>> think are limited to the xmlSecSimpleKeysManager alone.. Here's a list:
>> xmlSecKeyReadPemCert
>> xmlSecSimpleKeysMngrLoadPemKey
>> xmlSecSimpleKeysMngrLoadPemCert
>> xmlSecSimpleKeysMngrAddCertsDir
>> xmlSecSimpleKeysMngrAddCertsDir
>> xmlSecX509DataReadPemCert
>> xmlSecX509StoreLoadPemCert
>> xmlSecX509StoreAddCertsDir
> All these functions are about loading keys and certs into keys and 
> x509 certs manager.
> And they call each other.
> Aleksey.

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