[xmlsec] xmlsec packages for Debian

John Belmonte jvb at prairienet.org
Wed Jul 10 09:54:28 PDT 2002


As an excercise, and because I plan to start using xmlsec, I prepared 
some Debian packages.  For now I just did version 0.0.5 because that 
matches what's in the tesing distribution (Woody), but once testing is 
unfrozen I plan to package the most recent version.

I see that someone else packaged this version a few months ago, but the 
link he posted no longer seems valid.  I think my version passes more of 
the policy checks, so it may be a better starting point.

A few things required by Debian policy where lacking in the distribution:

     * xmlsec, xmlsec-config manpages
     * xmlsec should dynamically link to libxmlsec

The xmlsec-config manpage is easily created with help2man, which is what 
I've done in this package.

The files can be found here:


-John Belmonte

http:// i      .   /

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