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Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Fri Jun 28 22:11:19 PDT 2002


Actually I am not sure I clear understand your request. The XML Security 
allows you to do all of the items you need (xml encryption/decryption 
and signatures).
And there is an example applications that do all of these.
The library (and al of the examples) should work on almost any OS that 
has standard C
compiler. Personally I've seen it working on Linux, Solaris and Windowses.
There are binaries available for Linux (RedHat) and Windows (from Igor 
The libraty is release under MIT license which basically means that you 
free to do
almost whatever you want with all the sources and docs.

With best regards,
Aleksey Sanin

Mohammad Ali Kavianpoor wrote:

>My Dear .
>I am a software engineer conducting  some research in the area of 
>Authentication ,  data integrity ...   in B2B .
>I  reviewed your article in your web site(www.aleksey.com/xmlsec/xmldsig-
>It is very interesting and seems to meet my needs.
>I am wondering if you could present the NT or 98 in Os and define following 
>items  :
>      1- xml encryption 
>      2- xml decryption
>      3- xml signature 
>I would like to receive your applied real source codes 
>   So that my students can archieve feasible answeres.
>I hereby stress that your examples will be used
> For educational  purposes only.
>Grateful of your attention and time.
>Software eng.
>With thanks 
>Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (http://www.mui.ac.ir),
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