[xmlsec] Why seeding the random generator in Example 1

Hans-Juergen.Heinrich at de.gi-de.com Hans-Juergen.Heinrich at de.gi-de.com
Mon Jul 8 04:37:57 PDT 2002


Unfortunately, I do not understand why the random generator
of OpenSSL has to be seeded in Example 1 on the xmlsec website.
The code is as follows:
 int rnd_seed = 0;                                                          
      * Init OpenSSL:                                                       
      * this is a BAD way to init random numbers                            
      * generator                                                           
     while (RAND_status() != 1) {                                           
     RAND_seed(&rnd_seed, sizeof(rnd_seed));                                

Is this really necessary here, or is it just the default way
to initialize OpenSSL? I can't see where the random generator is
used in the example, and I just want to make sure I didn't miss
anything important. If it was not necessary, one wouldn't need to
include the openssl-headerfiles at all.

Thank you for your help

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