[xmlsec] Attempting to sign with DSA key

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Mon Dec 7 09:15:18 PST 2020

I see two signatures in the document. By default xmlsec1 tool will sign
the first signature it finds.



On 12/5/20 7:22 PM, Timothy Legge wrote:
> Hi
> I am attempting to sign https://pastebin.com/36Nvqdpp with a dsa key:
> xmlsec1 --sign --privkey-pem t/dsa.private.key --id-attr:ID "Response"
> --id-attr:ID "Assertion" t/xml-sig-unsigned-dsa-multiple.xml
> It does not show any error messages however it does not sign the
> output.  Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
> Tim
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