[xmlsec] Signing with root element not having namespace

Kiss Ádám kiss.adam at prolan.hu
Wed Jun 3 07:50:26 PDT 2020


I've been using your lib for a long time with many success!

Now I got a task which I cannot handle with my skills. I've attached a simplified version of the XML.

The main problem is that an industry standard determines the whole structure of the XML in this application including the namespaces. When I tried to sign it with the standard method in the doc I got the error: 'node not found'. It turned out xmlsecGetNodeNSHref sees the <Signature> block with (null) namepspace, which doesn't fit xmlsec's requirement. Changing xmlSecFindNode to ignore the (null) namespace helped for a short time, but some function calls later a similar error was found in xmlSecFindParent. After getting over again C14N failed. I am not sure if that (null) is the problem during the canonization.

I cannot see that deep into the code. Could you help me out?


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