[xmlsec] libxmlsec1: sign specific elements of SOAP message

Grünwald, Stefan S.Gruenwald at cashpoint.com
Wed Aug 29 00:30:25 PDT 2018


I would like to sign specific parts of my SOAP message.

Therefore for example I added an Id attribute to my message body

<ns0:Body ns4:Id="id-d27b22e6-7bf5-46de-9d3c-66d04a209827">

I also create a reference element containing the xpointer as an URI.

xmlNodePtr refNode = xmlSecTmplSignatureAddReference(signNode,

xmlSecTransformSha256Id, NULL, reinterpret_cast<const

unsigned char *>("#id-d27b22e6-7bf5-46de-9d3c-66d04a209827"), NULL);

But I get this error:



library function



error: 0: NULL

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any example for doing such a thing.

I also started debugging into libxmlsec1 and libxml2 to know a bit

more about that but coming into libxml2 it gets quite complicated.

I guess I’m doing something wrong with the xpointer because I also

tried a simple xpointer example in libxml2 and couldn’t get a proper result.

Maybe you have some advice for me what I’m doing wrong or at least

what I should try next.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,


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