[xmlsec] gtkdoc-mkhtml looks broken - multiplication of style sheets in all xmlsec html pages

Roumen Petrov xmlsec at roumenpetrov.info
Sun Jun 17 05:03:37 PDT 2018


I wonder why recently very often html pages are updated.

It seems to tolls tools that generates xmlsec html pages is broken.
Look into git diff shows that style is repeated - see embed image.
I guess that pages are generated by following make rule:
# need to cleanup "bad" chars
html: sgml $(MAIN_SGML_FILE) $(SGML_CHAPTERS_DIR) xmlsec-index
     $(GTKDOC_MKHTML) --path=$(srcdir)/src xmlsec $(MAIN_SGML_FILE)
. i.e. gtkdoc-mkhtml commend does not preserve existing style sheet.

Roumen Petrov
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