[xmlsec] Signing with key on token

Aleksey Sanin aleksey at aleksey.com
Tue Aug 8 12:12:32 PDT 2017

It was discussed in the mailing list in the past. You need to
create openssl config file to use the engine by default and
pass it to xmlsec1 command line tool.


On 8/1/17 12:56 AM, majkl majkl wrote:
> I need to sign XML documents with certificate and key, stored on USB
> token. I have Linux library (.so) with API, which works in openssl
> (command line) and also in Firefox, for example.
> I need to tell xmlsec to use the token library to access the key. (Or, 
> when crypto openssl is used, make opensl work as it is run with -keyform
> ENGINE -engine pkcs11 -inkey ABC -passin pass:PASS).
> Thanks, Michal
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