[xmlsec] MinGW build pull request

Roumen Petrov xmlsec at roumenpetrov.info
Sat May 20 05:15:11 PDT 2017

Hi Peter,

Peter Budai wrote:
> Hi Alexey and Roumen,
> thanks for the feedback, let me Reply on the questions/issues.
> In order to be able to see exactly what is happening during the build, please see two separate CI process log:
> The first build log is the git master, without the patch:
> https://ci.appveyor.com/project/peterbud/mingw-packages/build/1.0.64
Error is because is request static linking for application but objects 
are build for dynamic linking.

Configure script for mingw* host forces static linking of application 
(It seems to me by mistake enable_static_linking is set to yes when 
shared lib hack is removed).

Lets set following snippet in script:
AC_ARG_ENABLE(static_linking,   [  --enable-static-linking enable static 
linking (no)])
if test "z$enable_static_linking" = "zyes" ; then

Linker flag -static requires some compilation magic : to set in 
XMLSEC_APP_DEFINES preprocessor flags for static builds as is written in 
documentation for instance 
https://www.aleksey.com/xmlsec/api/xmlsec-notes-compiling-windows.html .

So correction should be like this

Also created static libraries has to be checked for "zero import symbols".

Roumen Petrov

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